The Illawarra Grammar School is a school founded on Christian belief and behaviour. The Chaplaincy Team is charged with the privilege of supporting and serving the Head of School in clarifying to the whole school community what this involves.

With respect to teaching and learning, the Chaplaincy Team is responsible for mapping out a curriculum of Christian Education from the Preparatory School through to Kindergarten and then on to Year 12. The Bible is our primary document. The Illawarra Grammar School confesses the Bible to be the living and active Word of God which contains all that is necessary for faith and life.
Students from the Preparatory School through to Year 10 receive one period of formal Christian Studies per week. There are eight dominant areas of inquiry: (i) Learning how to read the Bible; (ii) Discovering what’s in the Bible; (iii) Identifying the main themes of the Bible; (iv) Uncovering what the Bible describes as ‘the normal Christian life’; (v) Discerning the unique Biblical ethic; (vi) Tracing the impact of the Bible on history and culture; (vii) Considering whether Biblical truth is reasonable (viii) Examining other religions and worldviews. In Year 11 and Year 12 students participate in seminars where the Bible is brought to bear on relevant issues in their lives.   

At The Illawarra Grammar School we believe God informs all of life. For this reason we seek to bring a Biblical perspective to all teaching and learning in the School. One of the chief tasks of the Chaplain is to work alongside all academic staff to assist them in teaching their specific subjects and areas of inquiry from the perspective of a Christian worldview. This is an exciting task which we believe results in deep-level learning.

Students at The Illawarra Grammar School meet regularly for Chapel. Chapel occurs fortnightly in the Junior School and weekly in the Senior School. The Chapel services are run by our students and give all opportunity to respond to God in praise, prayer and thanksgiving. Sermon series are led by the Chaplaincy team and occasional guests and are usually based on books of the Bible or consist of topical series where the Bible is utilised to inform life.  

Voluntary lunchtime Christian groups enable students to identify with other students who take the claims of Jesus seriously. We see these groups as critical for the good Christian character and vigour of our School. We have three groups: Revolution for Junior School Year 5 and Year 6; Fish for Senior School Year 7 to Year 9 and Explore for Senior School Year 10 to Year 12.

Our student leadership structure makes provision for student Christian leaders to develop their God-given gifts and to lead their peers in honouring God and responding to him throughout the course of the School year. In Year 12 these students are formally referred to as ‘Chapel Prefects’. The Chaplaincy team disciples the Chapel Prefects to enable them to fulfil the important role they have within our School.

The Chaplaincy team regularly prays for the welfare of our school community and is always available to receive requests for personal prayer or spiritual guidance.

The Chaplaincy Team consists of:
School Chaplain:         Rev James Rogers
Assistant Chaplain:      Rev Mark Grieve
Assistant Chaplain:      Mrs Nicole Murray