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TIGS Newsletter is published online and distributed electronically at the end of each school week (except the first and last week of each term) and  outlines information that directly concerns current parents.

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icon Issue 1 Term I 2017
icon Issue 2 Term I 2017
icon Issue 3 Term I 2017
icon Issue 4 Term I 2017
icon Issue 5 Term I 2017
icon Issue 6 Term I 2017
icon Issue 7 Term I 2017
icon Issue 8 Term I 2017
icon Issue 1 Term II 2017
icon Issue 2 Term II 2017
icon Issue 3 Term II 2017
icon Issue 4 Term II 2017
icon Issue 5 Term II 2017
icon Issue 6 Term II 2017
icon Issue 7 Term II 2017
icon Issue 8 Term II 2017
icon Issue 1 Term III 2017
icon Issue 2 Term III 2017
icon Issue 3 Term III 2017
icon Issue 4 Term III 2017
icon Issue 5 Term III 2017
icon Issue 6 Term III 2017 
icon Issue 7 Term III 2017
       icon Issue 1 Term IV 2017

icon Issue 1 Term I 2016
icon Issue 2 Term I 2016
icon Issue 3 Term I 2016
icon Issue 4 Term I 2016
icon Issue 5 Term I 2016
icon Issue 6 Term I 2016
icon Issue 7 Term I 2016
icon Issue 8 Term I 2016

icon Issue 1 Term II 2016
icon Issue 2 Term II 2016 
icon Issue 3 Term II 2016
icon Issue 4 Term II 2016
icon Issue 5 Term II 2016
icon Issue 6 Term II 2016
icon Issue 7 Term II 2016
icon Issue 8 Term II 2016
icon Issue 1 Term III 2016
icon Issue 2 Term III 2016
icon Issue 3 Term III 2016
icon Issue 4 Term III 2016
icon Issue 5 Term III 2016
icon Issue 6 Term III 2016
icon Issue 7 Term III 2016
icon Issue 1 Term IV 2016
icon Issue 2 Term IV 2016
icon Issue 3 Term IV 2016
icon Issue 4 Term IV 2016
icon Issue 5 Term IV 2016
icon Issue 6 Term IV 2016
icon Issue 7 Term IV 2016
icon Issue 8 Term IV 2016


icon 2017T3-FilmerSeminar

Other Publications


The School Magazine is professionally printed and handed out at the end of each school year. This book tracks the journey of the school year from the Preparatory classes right through to Year 12.



A number of major school productions and school events have professional programs printed out and handed to guests as they arrive at the event. Stock is limited but occasionally some are left over.

If you would like to enquire about receiving a program you have missed please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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TIGS Newsletter